Livestock and livelihoods

Livestock production is the core of the agricultural industry in Vietnam. In the past, the main farming method was smallholder farming as the husbands and wives went off to work in the fields with the buffalo – their most valuable property. During the war of resistance when men joined the front line, these wives took charge of this strenuous task to “go ploughing with buffaloes”. After the liberation from colonial rule in the north of Vietnam, “cattle cooperatives” were formed widely; smallholding, large-scale and state-owned farms were also set up, aiming to “quickly develop livestock production to be a leading sector”.

Nowadays, livestock production is gradually focusing more on organic and biosafe farming, together with creating closed-loop supply chains, especially focusing on the processing and consumption stages. In the meantime, the State still supports millions of smallholders nationwide to ensure their livelihoods.