The daughter of Mr. Cầm Văn Thiêm in Mờn 1 village is feeding cows with elephant grass that they grew. His family started growing grass two years ago. Currently, crop production is not profitable. In order to improve animal husbandry, it is necessary to plant grass. It's hard to collect grass and the family can't afford to buy it. Therefore, they have to plant grass to feed their livestock, thereby increasing the family's income and making a better life for the children.

Mango prices dropped from 15,000 dong (70 US cents) per kilogramme before Covid to 2,000–2,500 dong (10 US cents) per kilogramme at present. Beef and buffalo meat also decreased in price due to Covid, but the drop in price has been less. Before, beef was sold at 250,000 dong (11 US dollars) per kilogramme live weight. Due to Covid, the price has dropped by 20,000 dong to 230,000 dong (10 US dollars) per kilogramme. But it will increase after dropping for some time. Farmers may be able to wait for a higher price before selling, but the fruit cannot wait. It will rot and fall down.

Narrator and photographer: Lường Văn Yêu (Thai ethnicity, 46 years old)