After the cow died of lumpy skin disease, the shed was cleaned and disinfected. Before spraying, the shed must be cleaned. Wet cleaning is followed by dry cleaning. The (Li-chăn) project provided me with a five-litre sprayer of disinfectant. However, it doesn’t last long and its pressure is low.

This is my 20-litre insecticide sprayer. I know that I should not use the same sprayer for disinfectants and pesticides, but if I buy a new sprayer I will have to pay one million Vietnam dong (43 US dollars). So, I cannot afford a separate sprayer for disinfectant.

Narrator and photographer: Lý A Trống (Hmong, 43 years old)

Person in the photo: Sồng Thị Dụ (Hmong, 43 years old)