Animal health

Animal health care plays an important role in livestock and helps to prevent and increase resistance to disease.

Vietnamese farmers have always paid a lot attention to the health of their livestock to make sure they are in good condition to serve us. This is vividly depicted in the artwork describing the resting moment of the buffalo after a hard day’s work, a little child feeding the buffalo, a family checking the buffalo stable when the weather is getting cold, farmers maintaining the farm hygiene, and veterinary officers vaccinating pigs.

In the 1960s and 1970s, rural cooperatives were formed, resulting in new farming methods. Consequently, buffaloes and cows were no longer grazed freely but kept on small household farmsteads. Young calves no longer followed their mothers but were kept and raised separately to mature quickly. Many competitions on healthy buffaloes were organised, contributing to raising public awareness on animal health care, especially in getting animals vaccinated.