My wife is going to cut grass in our field about 100 metres from home. It often takes her about 30 minutes. This is Guinea grass provided by the (Li-chăn) project for trial planting. In addition to rice bean, we grow three varieties of grass: Guinea, green elephant and Mulato. We have harvested 17 kilogrammes of Guinea grass, 15 kilogrammes of Mulato grass and 35 kilogrammes of green elephant grass on ​an area of four square metres. Rice bean is planted to harvest its foliage for feeding the cows. The productivity is satisfactory. Currently, these varieties are suitable for the soil, but I don't know if they are drought tolerant during the dry season. The chopped rice bean and green elephant grass are accepted by the cattle. The stem of the Guinea grass is too hard for them, but they can eat the leaves.

I’m planning to plant more green elephant and Guinea grass next year because they are tall and easy to harvest.

Narrator and photographer: Lường Văn Dũng (Thai ethnicity)

Person in the photo: Lường Thị Liến (Thai ethnicity)