My wife is cutting grass to feed our cows. In cow farming, the most difficult and time-consuming work is grass cutting. When this photo was taken in July, it was raining heavily, making the work even harder.

This is elephant grass mixed with Guinea grass. The latter is planted using the (Li-chăn) project seeds. I myself went to buy elephant grass seedlings two years ago when I had the idea of ​​​​raising cows to earn more income. But elephant grass is not profitable because it only grows well in the rainy season; it does not grow, and even dies, in the dry season. That's why I joined the Li-chăn trial of Guinea grass because I learnt through social networks that this variety produces a good yield of higher quality. Although I’m only collecting a little grass because I have only recently planted it, the cows seem to love this grass. I'm piloting both green elephant grass and Guinea grass to see which is most suitable. Now, three months after planting, the grass grows well and I intend to buy more cows.

Narrator and photographer: Hà Văn Kim (Thai ethnicity, 31 years old)

Person in the photo: Hoàng Thị Chấp, wife of Kim (Thai ethnicity)