The picture shows grass intercropped with Chittagong wood on a farm owned by Ms. Cầm Thị Nò. She plants paspalum, mulato and wild peanuts at the foot of the hill and stylo on the top. Corn was common on this farm about 7–8 years ago. When the soil was degrading, corn could not grow. Chittagong wood was selected to cover the bare land. Two years after planting Chittagong wood, Ms. Cầm Thị Nò planted corn, but again it could not grow. With grass seeds provided by the (Li-chăn) project, she tried planting grass to prevent erosion, improve the soil, and have more grass for her cows. She collected 11 kilogrammes of grass from an area of four square metres.

Narrator and photographer: Lường Văn Dũng (Thai ethnicity)

Person in the photo: Cầm Thị Nò (Thai ethnicity)