Mrs. Quàng Thị Liên is embroidering a scarf. This embroidered scarf is almost finished. To make an embroidered scarf takes two to three months, not to mention the weaving of the fabric and finishing of the borders. Ms. Liên is making the scarf ready for her daughter’s marriage. When a Thai girl gets married, she must prepare scarves as gifts for her husband's family. When I got married, I had 17 scarves; some girls have 30–40 scarves. The amount is determined by the groom's family. Those families with only one son will ask for more. Every Thai girl knows how to embroider scarves.

Narrator and photographer: Quàng Thị Ly (Thai ethnicity, 21 years old)

Person in the photo: Quàng Thị Liên (Thai ethnicity)